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Mercedes-Benz Series

● Support for Android 10/11/12 operating system
● Retain the original car system and freely switch between the Android dual system
● Real-time synchronization of the original car computer information: fuel level, door status, vehicle speed, etc.
● Highly analyze the original car protocol and support the original car steering wheel and knob control
● Vehicle protocols are independently developed
● 05-19 Mercedes-Benz NTG3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/5.1 series
● Switch between two themes: classic and modern
● Support wired/wireless CarPlay and wired/wireless AUTO
● Support 4G full-network high-speed internet access to enjoy smooth online audio and video
● Support global weather, which can obtain real-time weather information for the next 7 days
● Support intelligent overseas voice in 16 countries, liberate hands, and safely operate.


Mercedes-Benz compatible model list

16-18 GLE 12-15 ML/GL 11-15 SLK 08-10 C级
09-12 GLK 09-16 E-Class two-door 09-16 E-Class four-door 10-12 CLS
11-14 C-Class 11-18 B-Class 13-15 CLS 13-15 GLK
13-18 A-Class 6-17 CLS 16-18 C-Class/GLC 05-13 S-Class