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Company annual meeting, employee reward

The annual meeting and commendation congress 2021 company

On January 19, 2022, the company annual meeting held a grand and He Zong company development result in 2021 made a summary and report, for the 2022 companies in developing New Year plans and goals; In order to strengthen the communication between staff, strengthening the consciousness of team assist, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the company, meeting the second link is the staff of the year-end summary report; To honor outstanding staff, meeting the third link is 2021 annual excellent employee selection and the award ceremony, there was a prize for best contribution award, best struggle, best award for the best employees, best team award, the prize for the most potential, and many other awards, through incentives to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, encourage employees to more excellent performance in the New Year. The annual meeting of the last link, for dinner, thanks to the company every employee in the past year of hard work, a splendid dinner for you.